Monday, 21 October 2013

Weekend Highlights

  •         Luke coming home with a bunch of flowers on Friday. For no reason. They are lovely and injected a little summer back into the house now all the rain has come. The picture above was taken from Pinterest, if only I was that good at flower arranging
  •           Getting the great news that an old friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Sadly, they live up in Scotland now so it’ll be a while ‘til I get a munch
  •          Being very proactive and getting ALL my Christmas shopping done. I am so proud with myself. I decided what I was buying everyone months ago so Luke and I took a trip down to Bicester Village and bought everything :) I might even wrap them all next weekend. It will certainly save the stress when the German Christmas market comes to Birmingham and it’s impossible to get out of the office door.
  •      Having another homely day on Saturday and making lots of things to stock up for when the snow comes. Thai green and red curry pastes, lots of soup and I also made homemade coleslaw, which tastes SO much better than shop bought.
  •     The wondrous invention that is peanut butter icecream. But after noting the amount of rubbish pummelled into the shop bought varieties, Luke and I made our own. Chocolate ice-cream (most likely with the same about of rubbish in it by hey ho), with lumps of crunchy peanut butter and Nutella mixed through, then put back in the freezer so the Nutella hardens. Absolute delight in a bowl.
image found via Pinterest

Sunday, 13 October 2013

A bundle of joy

Where has this year gone?! 
A year ago today we woke up to the news that our niece was born and what a pretty girl she is. She came at just the right time. 
She brings us happiness when we are feeling glum and she lightens up any room with her sparkle. She makes us forget all our troubles and focus on the real things, not the material things. 
Naturally her arrival has made me feel quite broody but right now, she is all we need. So we spoil her and we love her. 
At 365 days old, she has a few little tooty pegs, is a marathon crawler and has taken her first few steps. She loves chicken (especially Nandos), loves throwing strawberries and other red fruit on her mom's lovely cream carpet, points and takes pleasure in throwing her buttery toast on the dogs' heads (they don't mind). She blows kisses, she waves and she is always smiling. 
We love you little one, and although the year has flown by a little too quickly for my liking, it has been heartwarming to watch you grow and be part of your little life. Here's to more memories.
Luke worked his joinery magic and knocked up this toy box, which I upholstered and painted her name. 

Happy first birthday to our darling niece, Mila.