Thursday, 29 August 2013

Childhood sweethearts

We spent Sunday afternoon at my parents looking through childhood photos when we came across this gem. 

Luke and I went to the same primary school, he was the year above me. Our parents knew each other, we had mutual friends growing up, knew each other to nod at in the street but that's as far as our friendship went. 

Until one day, which seems like a lifetime ago, we were both at a friend's birthday party and exchanged a few more head nods. Then the wonders of Facebook [cringe] led Luke to get in touch. 

A couple of dates later and we were an item, almost inseparable. Our relationship today is so strong, it has survived university, me swanning to Uganda to volunteer, and various other whirlwinds life has thrown at us. 

Who would have thought 18 years ago when we were stood next to each other on that school stage, in the midst of our school play, that we would be here today. Happy, in love, and planning our wonderful future together. 

Childhood sweethearts not quite so much, but still lovely all the same :)

Monday, 19 August 2013

A Monday Resolution

Rosie at Cider with Rosie has started making a Monday Resolution, and I think setting challenges like this is a great way to get something done during the week ahead. So here’s mine:
Image from Pinterest [original source unknown]

Okay so I don't exactly do the above, but I'm not a huge exercise fan. After a fairly indulgent weekend, I think it’s time I leapt back on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon. Luke and I really stuck to it for a couple of weeks, but it’s so easy to fall when there’s cake around. Neither of us are eating healthily to lose weight, we are seeing it as more of a lifestyle change. I am a big believer of you get out what you put in, and after a couple of weeks of eating homemade, none processed foods, I have to say I really noticed a difference. I had much more energy, felt less bloated and definitely less hungry!

Luke keeps telling me the next step is exercise. God that boy loves exercise. Running, swimming, cycling, all three in the same day sometimes. I, however, have never had the enthusiasm. I used to swim when I was growing up, three times a week and loved it. Then off I went to Uni, and made my ‘I have no time or money’ excuses quite regularly. And now, I love walking, I walk everywhere. But running. No. Thank. You. I feel like my heart is going to fall out of my chest, even when I power walk, and I can’t imagine that being too good for me right?! But then again, every time I moan about my podgy tummy, or that I’ve eaten too much cake, I hear a ‘well you can’t moan if you’re not prepared to try running’ seeping out of Luke’s brain.So I thought I’d give it a whirl. I ordered some trainers [I haven’t owned a pair for years, so thought it would be a good start]. We have lots of open green space by our house, so no ‘I don’t want people seeing me like a sweaty mess’ excuses. And Luke has offered to help me, so I can’t even pretend to run. Hmph.
Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part that wants to keep going.
image from Pinterest - original source unknown

Personally I think the former – the part that wants to stop – will definitely overcome the latter.
Any tips for getting started and sticking to it?!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Apple and Onion Chutney

I've had a bit of a housewifey weekend again. Last week I mentioned that I had an apple tree in the garden with an abundance of fruit, so I thought it was about time to make something with them,. For my birthday, Luke bought me a book on jam and preserves making [he knows me so well], so I found a recipe for easy apple and onion chutney.It's great on homemade pate (I'll put this recipe up another time) and is a great kick for on ham or cheese sandwiches.

First take 900g of onions, and finely dice
Then take 1.8kg of cooking apples, peel, core and dice
Put in a pan with 500g of light muscovado sugar,2 tbsp of tumeric, 3 cloves of grated garlic, 60g of grated ginger, 1litre of distilled malt vinegar. Bring to the boil until the sugar has dissolved. Then simmer for an hour until thick.

It's really that easy!!!
Then pot into sterilised jars. This recipe made 10 small jam jars, great for the store cupboard!!!
I also made chicken liver pate, french onion soup, cherry chocolate brownies and banana cake, watch this space for the recipes!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Image found via Pinterest. Original source unknown 

Living with Luke has opened my eyes up to a few things:

> Men can be domesticated. He cooks, he cleans [apart from the toilet, he says that's my job], he re-cleans things I've cleaned and he picks things up after me. He's been brought up well, I have his mom to thank for that

> If it's time for Luke to wake up then it's time for me to wake up and get up too. Gone are my student days of mid morning lie ins. Even on a weekend, when I have nothing to do, 6am is my new get up time

> Living together doesn't always allow for quality time together. Luke works so hard and long hours, and often our evenings together consist of making tea, eating tea, washing up from tea, making the lunches for the next day, more washing up, bath and bed. I would never deter him from working - he loves his job - but we still need to make that effort. So we are going to try and have evening walks after tea to catch up on our days

> Working as a team gets things done quicker. Luke helps with everything. Bless his heart. It means we have more time together on the evenings to do the above :)

> Luke and I are both stubborn. He moans at me for not shutting the bin lid. I respond with moodiness. We have a game now that if ever either of us are moody, the other one has to try and poke a smile into their face. It always ends up with laughter. Humor is important. Even if I am often the butt of the jokes. 

> He loves to use women's beauty products. [He's reading this over my shoulder as I type and is asking me to stop]. I caught him using my face wash the other day but assumed it was a one off thing. I confronted him, which was when he confirmed "oh I use this every time I wash my face", so twice a day. He uses my £18 a bottle face wash to wash his face. Twice. A. Day. I mean I'm all for what's yours is mine and what's mine is my own yours. But seriously?! Does anyone else have this problem?

Jokes aside, I've learnt a lot. Some things I already knew. Some have shocked me. (£18 face wash!). But I wouldn't change him, or our relationship for the world :)

Saturday, 10 August 2013


Thought I'd follow suit and do a post on the things that've made me smile this week. It's so nice to have a moment to reflect on the past week.

Image found via Pinterest [source unknown]
> The apple tree in our garden has grown some huge apples. I can't wait until they're ripe so I can make some apple sauce and chutneys. 

> Spending some time with my Mom and sister. We had a nice catch up over a Girly lunch on Tuesday and this weekend we are off to London to see Matilda :)

> Having some housewife time and baking lots of goodies. I've made broccoli and Stilton soup, bread rolls, apricot jam, scones and flapjacks. 

> Watching the bees buzz around the lavender in our front garden. It smells sooo good, I could lie there and watch them day going about their pollenating.

> Luke showing great appreciation for my housewifey hard work when he comes home late after a hard day's work to a bubble bath, dinner on the table and a beer. 

> Catching up with old friends. You know true friends for life are those with whom you can pick up where you left off and years of not seeing each other just does not matter

This weekend is full of meandering round London with my mom and sis,  drinking lots and eating more and watching Matilda :) 
I hope you enjoy your weekend x

Friday, 9 August 2013


love injecting new life into something that I'd otherwise throw out. I've been doing it for some time now by shabby chic-ing table and chair sets to earn some extra pennies. 
My sister came to me yesterday with an old footstool/storage box to recover. We got some floral material off the market and a staple gun and went mental!

^ before      v after
It really is so easy and is a fantastic quick and cheap way of updating a room :)

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Things that...

...have really tested my patience so far this week. I'm sure we've all had that feeling of 'oh my god why is nothing going right this week'. Well I have. And it's only Tuesday!
Missy looking glum
So I thought I'd shake it up a little and shy away from those happy posts. Don't get me wrong, I love reading happy lists and posts, but we all love a good moan don't we?! So without further ado...
> The weather suddenly turning to that not quite so warm stage. It's August for gods sake England, step up to the mark! I had to wear a jumper yesterday evening!
> The lift being out of order at work. And how much it shows off my lack of fitness. Walking to floor five with arms full of parcels is not fun. Especially when you didn't have time for the morning weetabix. Any tips for overcoming that 'my heart is going to pound out of my chest' feeling?
> Warehouse website letting me add a dress to my basket, only to be cruel and tell me it was in fact not in stock. I very rarely buy myself anything, all money goes on bills and saving for the house. And that one time I wanted to be naughty...! 
> There being absolutely nothing on the TV. Okay so we only have freeview so our options are already limited. But I've watched that much traffic cops that last night I went to bed at 9.30!  
> People's lack of awareness for others' personal space. Yes I appreciate that the train is busy but there really is no need for you to stand so close that you're practically sat on my lap. Maybe you're blissfully unaware that I'm here, or perhaps you're just jealous that I have a seat and would like to share. Either way, please note that in future I would like to have the space to shuffle my feet and turn the pages in my book.