Monday, 11 November 2013

Christmas is coming

Maybe it’s the fact that Saturday night TV treated us to not just one but TWO Christmassy adverts courtesy of John Lewis and Coca Cola.
Maybe it’s that I have done all my Christmas shopping  already and it’s all just waiting to be wrapped
Maybe it’s that I have bought all of our Christmas decorations for our first Christmas in our home together
Or maybe it’s that on Thursday the German Christmas market is coming back to Birmingham
It comes every year, around this time, til just before Christmas. The stalls stretch further than your eyes can see and it is packed with people eating German sausages and drinking hot mulled wine. As I work in Birmingham, with stalls directly outside the office door, it gets quite annoying. The ‘quick pop over the road to grab a sandwich’ becomes a half hour session of hustle and bustling and queuing.
Beau had his injections last week which means we can take him for walks soon, so although my days will be filled crowds and noise, it means that Luke can bring him in to meet me after work and we can treat ourselves to some hot toddies and a pulled pork roll (or two), making the hustle and bustle not all that bad. do you have planned for the run up to Christmas?

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  1. I missed the Coca Cola advert, gutted!
    I'm busy every Friday night from now until Christmas.. it's crazy, but I LOVE IT.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten


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