Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A month of firsts

December 2013 for us has meant...
Our first Christmas together in our own home. Being able to wake up together without feeling guilty about having picked one set of parents house to wake up in is going to be a great feeling

Our first Christmas as a family. Me and Luke and Beau. He is just going to love all the wrapping paper and his new toys

Our first Christmas tree together. Usually Luke says Christmas shouldn’t start until after his birthday on the 14th, but he let us buy a tree on the First of December! And let us put it up the same day too!!!!

Our first attempt at making scotch eggs

Our first [and only] Christmas as fiancé and fiancée. I still am yet to get used to calling Luke my fiancé. I expect that once I begin to use the phrase naturally we will be married and he will be my Husband. Eek.

Beau's first training session with the whistle
The first December where I have been sad to see this year end. Well the latter half of it. We have been through some tough times together at the beginning of the year, which really tested our relationship, but we have come out strong and the last 6 months of this year have been brilliant. So easy, full of laughs and happy times. But next year is full of more exciting times for us and I just can’t wait. For want of a better phrase ‘2014 is our year’.

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  1. Have a fantastic Christmas! I hope 2014 is all you dream it will be xx


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