Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cherry jam

Whilst out walking the dogs on Saturday, we came across some massive cherry trees. The fruits were perfectly ripe so I rushed back to get a couple of bags and got picking! We picked about 6kg of black cherries but pitting them took so much time that I only made about 1kg into jam... 
Take 1kg of cherries, pitted, and boil in a big preserving pan with 200ml of water until the cherries go soft. I mashed half of mine but left a lot of them full as I like chunky jJam. Then add the juice of 3 lemons and 1kg of jam sugar and bring to a rolling boil for about 10 mins or until the jam reaches a set. Then pot into sterilised Kilner jars [this recipe made just over 2 jars of the same size as below] I can't wait to have some of this in my porridge in the morning :)

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