Sunday, 28 July 2013


I haven't been too great at blogging of late as we have been on holiday for Luke's Dad's 50th birthday, and as we have recently moved house and are yet to get the Internet, I didn't get round to scheduling any posts. Mind you, this is a belated post anyway, as it has taken Luke about 3 months to give me some photos off his camera.

For Luke's 25th birthday last year, I bought us flights to Toronto for April just gone. Both of us love exploring but we usually keep it to Europe so I thought it would be great for us to go further afield.
We were only there for 5 days so we did a lot of researching to make sure we saw and did all we wanted.
I could write for hours about everything we crammed in, but I've tried to be concise :)

> Whilst we were there, the Blue Jays, Toronto's baseball team, were hosting the New York Yankees, so we made sure we got down there. Sadly we lost, but the atmosphere [and the hot dogs] were great.

> Every day started with a massive brunch of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup and lots of freshly brewed coffee [all consumed before I could get to the camera]
Aunties and Uncles - a great retro diner which served amazing pancakes 

You can't go to Toronto without taking a trip out to Niagara Falls... which was started with a helicopter ride...
> Luke insisted on going to the Mill Street brewpub [he loves his ales]. We intended to go for just one drink, but we spent about 4 hours there, having met some lovely girls from Boston [and consuming endless pints and cocktails]...
> And obviously we couldn't miss a trip up the CN tower, coupled with dinner in the 360 restaurant at the top.
Toronto was a lovely place and this trip was only a taster. We definitely intend to go back, having been advised by the locals that with every changing season, the city becomes something different.

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